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Kink memes are creative ventures wherein requests are posted anonymously with a pairing and a kink/prompt. Enter another anon, who then responds to the request with a fic of varying length that fulfils the request. There is rinsing, there is repeating, and there begins to exist numerous fics to fit your every pairing and/or kink dream.

Sound fabulous? Excellent! Now be aware that most of the requests will be fulfilled along the dictionary definition of kink ('sexual oddity') and will have mature content. While genfic is permitted at this particular kink meme, be conscious when clicking!

The "Do" List:

- DO post requests anonymously
- DO reply with fic either anonymously or logged in (your preference)
- DO be respectful; inappropriate/rude comments be deleted
- DO consider supplying one fic for every request you make
- DO request het, slash, femslash, threesome (+n); any and all are welcome
- DO have fun!

The "Don't" List:
- DON'T post only a pairing; a prompt/kink is required!
- DON'T post more than one pairing kink set in each request comment
- DON'T worry about word counts; long or short, it's all welcome!

Do you have questions? Contact either reignsdown or royali for all your answer needs!

Beware all ye who enter here! Spoilers and mature content abound!

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